We Are Blood

We Are Blood volunteers are essential to our mission. Whether they are taking care of blood donors in our canteen, transporting lifesaving blood to hospitals, or educating the community about the importance of blood donation; volunteers make it possible for us to provide and protect the community blood supply, to inspire Central Texans to save […]

5 Brain Fitness Tips to Help Slow Alzheimer’s

From the Silverado newsletter
There is no surefire route to brain health, but research is pointing to some specific activities and behaviors as recommended components that help a brain-healthy lifestyle. Below is a quick list of guidelines to help you live a healthier lifestyle and stack the odds in favor of keeping your gray matter fit.
It […]

Flu Precautions

from Senior Health 365.com
The flu season for the elderly should not just be seen as another period of the sniffles. Every year the seasonal flu (influenza) leads to thousands of deaths mainly of people older than 65 years of age. The bigger concern these days is the new strains of the flu virus that are […]

Fall Prevention Coach Training

A MATTER OF BALANCE is an award-winning program for older adults designed to manage concerns about falls and increase activity levels. VOLUNTEER coaches are needed to provide this program.
Coaches help participants:

Become more confident about managing falls
Identify ways to reduce falls
Learn exercises to help increase strength and balance

What do you need to be a coach?

Good communication […]

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