Explore Your Future – A Free Workshop for 50+

Overview:  Are you considering exploring a new career, finding a meaningful volunteer experience, discovering a new hobby, or pursuing an unfulfilled dream, Explore Your Future is for you!
The Explore Your Future workshop is designed to help you chart a path to a fulfilling future.  Through interactive exercises and lively discussions, you will be guided to […]

President’s Volunteer Service Award

On Wednesday, March 20th, twenty-three Coming of Age volunteers were recognized for their outstanding service to this community.  These volunteers were awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. Now, more than ever, volunteers in Travis County through Coming of Age are renewing their commitment to help others […]

5 Things That Will Change The Way Non-profits Work in 2013

Read about 5 Things that may influence the work non-profits do in 2013. Read the full article here. 

Boomer Dilemma: When to Take Social Security

Upon approaching retirement age, some Baby Boomers wonder whether to opt into Social Security right away or wait.  This brief article from Charles Schwab looks at the benefits and downsides of collecting Social Security early.

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