Explore Your Future – A Free Workshop for 50+

Overview:  Are you considering exploring a new career, finding a meaningful volunteer experience, discovering a new hobby, or pursuing an unfulfilled dream, Explore Your Future is for you!
The Explore Your Future workshop is designed to help you chart a path to a fulfilling future.  Through interactive exercises and lively discussions, you will be guided to […]

Boomer Dilemma: When to Take Social Security

Upon approaching retirement age, some Baby Boomers wonder whether to opt into Social Security right away or wait.  This brief article from Charles Schwab looks at the benefits and downsides of collecting Social Security early.

Keep Homes Safe & Friendly for the Aging Relative

Whether you are older than 65 or a baby boomer, now is the time to implement a plan to make your home more accessible and safer.  DO NOT wait until something happens; taking steps today to modify your home will help you maintain the lifestyle you want as you age.

ID Theft Detection & Prevention

This brief article from Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, looks at identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself against possible threats.

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