Quarantine Stories

Now that the Stay-At-Home order is reaching it’s 8th week, we are all trying to stay busy and keep our spirits up. Some people are volunteering and some are using this opportunity to accomplish long overdue projects. We’d like to know what you are doing to stay busy during quarantine? Send us your quarantine stories to katie.reeves@traviscountytx.gov

Coming of Age/RSVP volunteers are coming up with creative and meaningful ways to stay busy during quarantine. Here are a few of their stories:

Martha Loer

Martha has been working on writing cards and notes to Drive A Senior clients who are alone during quarantine. She writing to give them support and encouragement. She is also donating blood platelets.

Don Saegert

Don Saegert is still volunteering to drive seniors to dialysis for Drive a Senior North Central. Laura Saegert is making masks. The two of them provided Easter dinner for 6 Drive A Senior clients who have no family or friends and are not able to cook.

TEXSAR Volunteers

TEXSAR members have volunteered over 5000 hours of service to the state of Texas since the lock-down began. TEXSAR leadership stays in constant communication with local agencies and state authorities in efforts to utilize our services in the best way possible. 

TEXSAR members are assisting COVID-19 testing centers in Harris County. Members are working 10-12 hour shifts supporting testing centers in whatever capacity is needed.

25 TEXSAR members helped sort food at the Central Texas Food Bank.

TEXSAR aided Central Texas EOC Logistics. TEXSAR has extensive experience and training in IMT and Logistics. Members worked 12 hours shifts in the EOC in Austin, Texas, to support Travis County and the City of Austin.

TEXSAR aided Central Texas EOC Medical Logistics. TEXSAR Medics have extensive experience and training in IMT and Logistics. Members worked 12 hours shifts in the EOC in Austin, Texas, to support Travis County and the City of Austin.

TEXSAR hosted Blood Drives in Central Texas. TEXSAR supported Central Texas Blood banks by working with We Are Blood to put on two Blood Drives.

Nola Marie Dilworth 

My “Shelter in Place” for the month of April has turned into a “Shredding in Place Project” for me with old bank statements dating back to the year 2011. To keep up with the number of  5 volunteer hours I served everyday with one agency before the  Coronavirus put a halt to it I tried to commit my Shredding in Place Project hours to the same number of 5 hours each day.

I not only see my Shelter/Shred in Place Project as a way to take up time, but I also see it as being my protection and refuge from being a victim of fraud.

When I first started thinking about my “Shredding in Place Project” I was reminded of how my mother would gather all her old mail that included old receipts, junk mail, and old bank statements, and after gathering them all together she would place them in a pit in our backyard and burn them. She would always tell me to never throw anything in the trash with my name and account number on it.

Then I was reminded of an unfortunate event that happened to my friend’s brother, who identity was turned upside down after someone rummaged through his trash and took out all his mail that he thought was insignificant, but someone found it to be a treasure because they opened up many credit cards in his name, and yes it took many, many years to get his own identity back.

When shredding my bank statements I go page by page, starting at the top, cutting off the name of the bank, cutting off my PMA account number and date. Then I check the front and back of each sheet for my name again and account number. I look for any account history, portfolio summary, account profile, activity detail by date, credit card account numbers and Last but not least I get to all my check image statements, and that’s when I cut the names off the tops of my checks, cut up my signatures at the bottom of the checks along with routing numbers and account numbers at the bottom of the checks. Yes, my “Shredding in Place Project” might seem tedious and time consuming, but guess what, it will take you much longer to reclaim your own identification.

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