Advisory Council Spotlight- Beth Tracy

In August 2013, Beth Tracy who is a Manager for IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, joined the Coming of Age Advisory Council.BTracy

Compelling to Beth is the fact that she is a primary candidate for their mission of work and she wanted to learn more about how she could utilize her professional skills and gain essential knowledge and resources with a focus on enriching the lives of individuals age 50 and older through volunteering, education, advocacy and partnerships.

In October 2014, Beth was appointed as a board member and continues to learn and identify ways to enrich and expand the great mission of work that Coming of Age delivers each and every day. Beth provided thought leadership and a myriad of hours working in collaboration with Kate Cadenhead on the Leadership Academy program structure.

In January 2015, Beth deployed a strategic planning workshop to the Coming of Age board and Advisory Council resulting in a defined Outcomes Map to include key program activities for volunteering, education & training, advocacy and partnership development and resulting in a defined end goal/long term community outcome: A diverse 50+ population and nonprofit organizations serving to strengthen our community. Representing IBM, Beth has also awarded discretionary grants to Coming of Age to enrich and expand the Leadership Academy education portfolio.

Beth enjoys reading, traveling, college sports, outdoor adventures, music and community theater. Beth is married to Mike Tracy and has two daughters Megan and Erin, two grandsons Dylan and Dalton and two rescue dogs, Remy and Gypsie. Beth enjoys life in the hill country and all of the great culture and people of Austin!