Advisory Council Spotlight: Lisa Barden, Keep Austin Fed

After graduating with a Math degree, Lisa moved to Austin and jumped into an IT career at The University of Texas. After 22 years as a “cube jockey”, she decided she wanted more, so she left to pursue her desire to start a business encouraging fitness for everyone.

Life made another right turn when Lisa started volunteering with Keep Austin Fed after watching the documentary Just Eat It, in May 2015. Astounded by facts on the prevalence of food insecurity and the vast amount of perfectly good food that gets thrown away she immediately signed up to be a part of the solution.

Lisa says she is “humbly energized” by the appreciation in the faces and voices of the recipients. Her passion and dedication to the cause, which started with just a few hours a week, have led to her current role as the organization’s Executive Director. We welcome Lisa to the Coming of Age/RSVP Advisory Council!