Agency Spotlight: Foundation Communities

Foundation Communities is a local, homegrown nonprofit founded in 1990. They provide affordable, Foundation-Communitiesattractive homes and free onsite support services for thousands of families, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities. Foundation Communities offers an innovative, proven model that empowers residents and neighbors to achieve educational success, financial stability and healthier lifestyles. They own and operate 19 communities all over Austin and in North Texas.

One of the things that makes Foundation Communities unique is that 80% of their budget is generated from the affordable rents that they charge their residents. This covers operating expenses for their communities. Additionally, Foundation Communities invests in green building initiatives which save on operating costs, reduce residents’ utility bills, and make their communities a better place to live. They offer educational programs not only to their residents, but to individuals in our community. Educational programs include tax preparation assistance, money management classes, financial coaching, homebuyers classes, health insurance enrollment assistance and more!

Visit the Foundation Communities website today at to get more information about this amazing organization.