Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s Disease may be one of the cruelest diseases because a sufferer seemingly “disappears” until the person they were — no longer exists. National Alzheimer’s Disease Month, each November, reminds us that over 5 million Americans suffer. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), a form of dementia, impacts memory, thinking, and behavior. AD ranks as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the most common form of dementia in 60-80% of all diagnosed cases.

How to Observe National Alzheimer’s Disease

1. Take A Memory Walk- The Alzheimer’s Association is sponsoring memory walks all over the country. Thousands of people come together to raise funds to support both the care of patients and the research for a cure. Wear blue if you have dementia, or purple if you’ve lost a loved one to the disease.

2.  Get Screened- The National Memory Screening Program allows you to answer a list of questions to see if you or someone you know may potentially have Alzheimer’s Disease. The test is a series of questions to measure your language skills, thinking ability, and intellectual functions. Taking the test is free. But it will not definitely tell you whether or not you have AD. Check with your doctor to get a thorough evaluation.

3. Donate- Your dollars are critical in the search for a cure. Funding also helps develop new medications to slow the effects of the disease. Your support makes it all happen. For more information, you can visit