A*MED Healthcare

A*MED Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality services for their clients. They offer Home Health Care and Hospice services for patients, ensuring they make their lives meaningful. You can help be a part of this mission! A*MED seeks volunteers to serve in two capacities; direct and indirect care.

As an Indirect Care volunteer, you will assist staff with office work such as filing, copying, sending cards and typing. Volunteers are needed once a week for at least an hour a day. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Free parking is available at their Northwest office location.

As a Direct Care volunteer, you will be asked to provide social visits to clients in your area. Volunteers will watch movies with clients, play games with them or take them out on fun outings. No clinical care is required for this position. You will be providing clients with a friendly visitor and someone who can add excitement to their lives. Some clients live at home while others reside in retirement facilities or nursing homes. Days and times for this volunteer opportunity are extremely flexible, but weekly visits are encouraged. You are asked to develop a relationship with the client(s) you select.

For more information about either of these wonderful opportunities, please contact our offices today!