Austin Travis County Integral Care

Garden Angels at Austin Travis County Integral Care help maintain two therapeutic garden locations for persons challenged with behavioral health issues.

 The Volunteer Coordinator for Integral Care is seeking an experienced gardener with an interest in working independently in one or both locations.

 The first location is at the 15th Street Respite Recovery program located at 15th St. and Trinity and the other location is much smaller and located at Alameda House on Manchaca Rd, two blocks north of Ben White.

 Duties include maintaining the watering timer system, weeding, mulching, removal of end of season plants and new seasonal planting, and deadheading. Tools, plants, seeds and guidance will be provided.

 The gardens provide a place of beauty and meditation for the residents in the program. This is not a consumer gardening program, however it is for the consumers. Garden Angels help keep the gardens beautiful 12 months out of the year.