Medicare Open Enrollment

Benefit counselors of the Area
Agency on Aging of the Capital Area (AAACAP) are available to assist Medicare
beneficiaries in navigating the federal program’s open enrollment process.
During the annual open enrollment period, benefit counselors educate seniors
about their Medicare options and which options may best suit their needs. While
they provide information about Medicare options and the open enrollment
process, […]

New Medicare Cards Are Coming

Open your wallet and get your laminators ready, because a new Medicare card is coming in the mail. In a long-overdue move to protect your privacy, the government is mailing new cards to all 58 million people with Medicare.

Cards are being issued with a new Medicare number to protect you from identity theft.
Your new Medicare […]

Medicare: Avoiding Open Enrollment Scams

by Andrew Johnson, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC
Open enrollment is here. Whether you’re eligible for Medicare, selecting a plan through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or have private insurance, you have until December 15 to compare plans and make coverage changes. But as you’re keeping an eye out for the best options, also keep an eye […]

Financial Assistance Available for Baby Boomers, Seniors

Many of the baby boomers and seniors who’ve retired are living on fixed incomes.  This informative article discusses a variety of programs available to provide financial assistance to baby boomers & seniors.