Coming of Age Advisory Council Spotlight: Cindy Gunderson

Cindy started volunteering in high-school with an adopt a grandparent program.  She went to home-bound elderly individuals to not only make sure they were safe but to engage in conversations which eventually developed in to meaningful friendships. Visiting the elderly in their homes is something Cindy continued to do for years and made  many good friends.

Homelessness and Hunger are other causes Cindy works with and feels strongly about learning from and giving to.

A lesson learned throughout volunteering is that everyone, regardless of circumstances, wants to give and has something to share.  It is amazing to see those being “served” also serving.  It is a beautiful example to Cindy on how the world was intended to be.

Cindy is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional with over 25 years of experience as an HR Professional.  In this role, Cindy continues to serve those she works with so that they can be connected to their work, and their community.

Music is another universal tool Cindy enjoys.  She thinks it’s fun to see the wide range of people, music brings together.

Cindy volunteers with Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Operation Turkey, the Free Store and served on the Capital Area Food Bank board for over 10 years.