Coming of Age Advisory Council Spotlight: Graham Duncan

Graham’s interest in volunteering began in London where he worked as a volunteer for the London Centralgraham-headshot YMCA for 15 years before taking early retirement from the commercial real estate business.

Since he had more time available, he joined the Befriending Network and trained as a volunteer to work with the dying which he did for 3 years immediately prior to coming to Austin. Wanting to continue this work, he began volunteering with Hospice Austin where he has been serving for the last 12 years.

His partner Lynne, who was a caterer, started a program to help feed the homeless. Graham and Lynne bought the food, cooked it and they then distributed the food every week. This project ran every Sunday for 5 years from a parking lot opposite the homeless shelter in downtown Austin. Regrettably, it had to be discontinued due to shortage of funds.

Graham’s parents used to volunteer reading for the blind and that inspired Graham to volunteer for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic which became Learning Ally. He’s been a volunteer there since 2012.

In 2006 he was awarded RSVP’s Spirit of Service Award and in 2010 the Dr. & Mrs John McKetta  Community Spirit Award. In 2004 he qualified for the President’s Lifetime Community Service Award. “For an immigrant,” he said, “this was one of my proudest moments!”.

Graham says, “Anybody who volunteers knows that service in the community is the perfect foundation for a happy life.”

Graham has been serving on the Coming of Age Advisory Council since 2009.