Family Eldercare

Join the team of dedicated volunteers who work one-on-one with seniors and adults with disabilities. They provide ALL training and YOU choose a schedule that is best for you. They match you with a client based on your interest and availability.  You visit them once or twice per month. They currently have 40+ clients waiting for a volunteer in these programs:

Money Management Volunteers: They train regular folks to help someone manage their social security benefits. Give someone the peace of mind that comes from financial stability and knowing someone is looking out for them.

Volunteers provide socialization and also help the client stay fiscally fit by sorting mail, organizing bills, helping the client fill out applications to get services, and other tasks that promote stability. They would work alongside their case managers to ensure the clients could continue to live as independently as possible.

Guardianship Volunteers: Provide socialization and companionship to someone who has no family or little emotional support in their lives.  Make monthly visits and be a friendly face for someone who is living in a nursing home, group home, supportive housing, or state facility.  Clients in this program may have difficulty communicating or relating to the world the same way we do. But, volunteers can remember their client on their birthday, listen to music with them, take them out to the park, and connect with them in a way that shows they are not forgotten.