Family Eldercare’s Summer Fan Drive

The Summer Fan Drive provides new box and oscillating fans to seniors, adults with disabilities, and families with children in Central Texas.

While a fan is a simple object, the impact of this program is monumental on the health and well-being of recipients. especially the medically fragile, very old, or very young. Fans, which can lower the body’s temperature by up to 8 degrees, are also much more affordable to run at merely $0.02/hour, making them a sustainable option for those who cannot afford high electricity bills.

The Summer Fan Drive goes beyond just fans, and “opens doors,” for the lives it impacts. Thanks to a partnership with Austin Energy, the Summer Fan Drive also provides home weatherization information packets containing energy efficient light bulbs.

Thanks to volunteers, the Summer Fan Drive also makes referrals to additional social service resources for individuals. These referrals come from Family Eldercare volunteers, as well as the over 40 partner nonprofits that participate in the Summer Fan Drive, helping the reach of the program spread across 14 counties!

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