Nonprofit Agency MOU

Coming of Age Austin’s responsibilities to your organization:

  • Work to interest potential volunteers in your agency’s needs, goals, and opportunities
  • Attract more people 50+ to connect and contribute to your organization
  • Advertise your volunteer positions through marketing support and targeted outreach
  • Support and provide expertise in strategies from the latest research and best practices to further your mission, increase your capacity, and manage an intergenerational volunteer network
  • Help train your staff in areas of volunteer recruitment, retention, recognition, and training
  • Provide training sessions (including Learning Lab) free of charge
  • Provide insurance, recognition and reimbursement of travel expenses to volunteers serving in eligible focus areas
  • Offer individualized follow-up and technical assistance
  • Coming of Age Austin and your organization has the right to terminate a volunteer without cause, but Coming of Age will always consider the cause leading to termination
  • Renegotiate MOU every three years to maintain good standing with Coming of Age

Your organization’s responsibilities to Coming of Age Austin (CoA):

  • Ensure that your agency is a public or nonprofit organization, or an eligible proprietary health care agency
  • Provide a designated volunteer supervisor or coordinator
  • Provide CoA with volunteer job descriptions prior to placements (volunteers cannot replace salaried positions)
  • Provide orientation, on-the-job-training, and parking arrangements for volunteers
  • Provide any and all equipment necessary for volunteers to complete their daily assignments (CoA will not provide equipment, tools, or supplies and will not be responsible for any expenses incurred)
  • Notify CoA of personnel, address, or phone number changes
  • Provide verification for Coming of Age volunteer timesheets and roster reports, either by written, email or by phone verification
  • Provide Coming of Age staff with priority measure information to CoA when requested
  • Notify CoA office immediately in case of an accident or incident involving Coming of Age volunteers
  • Provide at state criminal history check for volunteers who, on a reoccurring basis, have access to children, persons aged 60 and older and/or individuals with disabilities