H.A.N.D Food Pantry and Clerical Assistant

– Organize and catalog all items in food pantry/diaper bank and manage diaper and food donations as they arrive.
– Manage deliveries and pick-ups of diapers as necessary.
– Assist the office staff as they see fit.

– Abide by the office dress code and conduct yourself in a professional manner.
– Dispose of any and all food products that have expired.
– Create and maintain an up to date list of items stored in the food pantry.
– Develop an organizational system to store diapers and food donations in the most efficient manner possible (ie track number of items received and given out on a weekly basis, track number and size of diapers on hand).
– Complete any other tasks as assigned by the office staff or volunteer coordinator. Willing to negotiate tasks based on volunteer interest.

– Volunteer must be available to commit to working at least 2 hours once a week between 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday.
– Must attend H.A.N.D. training and orientation.
– If over the age of 18, must pass a criminal background check.
– Will have NO client contact if under the age of 18.

Time Commitment–
– Two-Three (2-3) hours per week, or a minimum of eight (8) hours per month.
– All hours are to be completed during office hours (8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday).

Supervisor: Director of Volunteer Services