My Gift of Grace

My Gift of Grace is a game that helps families and friends talk about death and dying. This is a project that can help us prepare ourselves for life’s endings and to live our lives with greater grace and resilience.

The game doesn’t have winners or losers. Instead, it uses cards divided into questions, statements and activities. To start the game, each player fills out a card that has a question (What activities make you feel alive?) or statement (Check off from a given range of options about what you think will be the worst part of the end of your life.), then uses those to start conversations with family and friends. The game ends with “action” cards, which double as magnets, and act as reminders to, for example, visit a cemetery and talk to its employees to learn more about death and funerals.

The goal is to to help people express and explore what they want for their lives and deaths — hopefully, long before they die.

The Aging Services Council will be hosting this FREE event that will stimulate conversation around the topics of quality of life and end of life.  Through discussion, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own wishes and receive a tool to inspire more conversation with their own family, friends or community group. Each participant will receive a copy of the game to take home.

October 18, 2016  9:30 am – 12 pm

St. David’s Foundation, 1303 San Antonio Street, Suite 500

Garage and street parking available and refreshments provided.

RSVP to Cindy Fisher or (512) 451-4611.