Neighborhood Ambassador

Neighborhood Ambassador Program Collaborators: Aging Services Council and Coming of Age

Neighborhood AmbassadorThe Neighborhood Ambassador Program is a collaborative initiative supported by the Aging Services Council and Coming of Age.  The program seeks to distribute reliable and timely information about aging issues and resources through a network of community volunteers.

Recent surveys indicate that elders and caregivers are unsure of where to go to get reliable information related to aging issues and services. The Neighborhood Ambassador Program was developed to meet this need. The goal of the project is to assist older adults and their caregivers by providing accurate information about aging issues and services and about the network of community resources.

Ambassadors are community volunteers of any age, who serve as “information specialists.” As an Ambassador we hope you can help spread timely and relevant information about aging issues and resources by distributing a newsletter to your contacts in settings such as senior centers, senior housing, faith-based organizations, civic groups and neighborhood groups or associations. You will also receive training to prepare you to provide basic information and referral assistance to those in your community who need help identifying or connecting with services, resources, or activities.



For those interested in becoming a neighborhood ambassador, under no circumstance, may you enter someone’s private home. All meetings with the public must be conducted in local, public settings. This is not optional and is not left up to an individual ambassador’s discretion. In your role as an ambassador and a representative of Travis County, Coming of Age and the Aging Services Council. we are not liable for any ambassador who violates this rule. Anyone found breaking this rule will be immediately dismissed from their role as a neighborhood ambassador.