Spirit of Service Award Winners

Nola Marie Dilworth

There are three things you should know about Nola. One, you will be struck by her grace and humility. Two, she lives to serve her community. Three, you will wonder in awe at how she’s able to do so much with her time. 

Nola once said “Volunteering is a blessing. I volunteer because you never know when you’ll need a little kindness in return.”  Nola lives by these words. She volunteers for multiple groups serving diverse members of our community, always looking to make a difference.

She assists with Family Eldercare’s Money Management department, ensuring their records are in tip top shape as an administrative volunteer. She also volunteers at their front desk, greeting clients who are there to see their case managers. 

Nola has a gift for making everyone feel at ease with her gentle voice and helpful nature. The staff at Family Eldercare say that to have a volunteer who understands the importance of treating everyone with kindness and dignity is the biggest gift she can give Family Eldercare as they strive to serve some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

To watch her Spirit of Service video, go here

Estrelita Doolin

Estrellita has been a dedicated volunteer with Foundation Communities since 2015, serving first with their adult English as a Second Language program and then becoming an advocate for the organization.

Since becoming a volunteer Teaching Assistant with their adult ESL classes four years ago, Estrellita has served over 340 hours of service with this program alone, including 72 hours in 2018. She has touched the lives of hundreds of students. Learning basic English is essential to the success of the Foundation Communities residents. Without this skill, many find it hard to get a job, pay their bills, or even decipher the bus schedule.

The ESL teachers strongly rely on volunteers to assist them during class and help with one-on-one tutoring for adults who need extra support with their language skills. Estrellita treats all students with great respect, insisting on learning names any time a new student comes into the classroom. She is admired for her command of a classroom, her self-sufficiency, and the joyful energy she brings to every interaction.  

As an ESL volunteer, Estrellita has directly affected the lives of students, helping them build not just self-sufficiency, but also a community. As a community advocate, Estrellita has worked to engage others in supporting the mission of Foundation Communities as volunteers and donors. Foundation Communities says they are fortunate to have as caring and committed a volunteer as Estrellita.

To watch her Spirit of Service video, go here