Spirit of Service Virtual Volunteer Recognition Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Spirit of Service Awards program. We had over 90 people who attended. Thank you to Representative Lloyd Dogget who send us a special message and to our favorite Master of Ceremonies, Jim Spencer, Chief Meteorologist from KXAN. And his sidekick Kaxan made a special appearance too. 

Thank you again to everyone who was able to join us and congratulations to all our award winners. If you’d like to watch the program, you can watch our recorded event below:

You can check out pictures many of our award winners and their yard signs below.

(L to R) Teddy Ellis- Spirit of Service, Bob & Louise Fernandez- 20 Years, Peggy Maxwell-15 Years, Don Saegert- 1000+ hours, Graham Duncan- 15 Years, Margarine Beaman- 2000+ hours. 

(L to R) Marcia Ehlers- Spirit of Service, Nola Marie Dilworth- 1000+ hours, Mary Hermes- President’s Award, Nancy Walker- 2000+ hours, Louise Fernandez- President’s Award & 20 Years, Shirley Brinkman- President’s Award, Andy Anthony- 1000+ hours, Warren & Karen Hayward- 20 Years.

(L to R) Mike Wadino- 1000+ hours, Carol & Sid Stuewe- President’s Award, Helena Hedrick- 15 Years, Suzanne Faught- 1000+ hours, Hal Ferguson- 1000+ hours, Alan Huddelson- 1000+ hours and President’s Award.