TEXSAR (Texas Search and Rescue)

Disaster Relieftexsar_patchAre you tech savvy and enjoy Tweeting and Facebook? If so, TEXSAR (Texas Search and Rescue) needs you to help keep their social media up to date. Information will be shared through a Google group and you will be asked to update social media whenever you have the time. This opportunity can be done from any location at your convenience and does not require any training.

If social media isn’t your thing, how about helping developing a newsletter? This is not something that TEXSAR currently has in place, so you will have the opportunity to create something that would be shared with hundreds of first response partners that would have the potential to reach thousands. The goal is to develop something that would be distributed quarterly, but possibly develop into a monthly newsletter. This can be done anytime at any location and information can be gathered from the TEXSAR’s Google group. Help those who are the first called when the community needs help! Contact our offices today to find out how to get started.