Volunteer Spotlight- Chris Cina

Chris Cina said she fell in love with the Old Bakery at first site when she visited the building in 2013. She said she “enjoys the tourists who come in looking for ideas of what to see and do in Austin”.me-03020 (2)

The Old Bakery and Emporium is a wonderful resource in the community. The historic building is now filled with the beautiful artwork of local seniors who sell their handiwork and offers them the opportunity to supplement their income and develop second careers. The Old Bakery also offers seniors the opportunity to volunteer and provide information to out of town visitors who often visit the store.

The Old Bakery is owned by the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department and operates as a visitor center, consignment center and art gallery.Chris is there every other Saturday to welcome visitors and help folks find one-of-a-kind treasures.  As a photographer, she sells post cards, matted and framed prints.

Chris has also volunteered her photography skills for the Coming of Age 9/11 Make a Difference Day event last year and they used her pictures for their website, social media and marketing.

An avid photographer, Chris is also a writer, editor and graphic artist who lived in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley until she discovered Austin, Texas five years ago.

After years of working at the daily newspaper, The Poughkeepsie Journal, and using her photographic skills to provide magazines they published with cover photos, her manager encouraged her to get out on her own and grow as a professional photographer.

Chris had earlier had a career where she edited books on tape for physicians and politicians. In this capacity, she interviewed George W. Bush when he was Governor of Texas, as well as a host of other renowned senators and doctors who were tops in their fields. One of her greatest thrills was meeting Walter Cronkite who she wrote a script for as a voice-over on one of her shows.

Since 2006, Chris has focused her efforts on her photography. As a landscape photographer, she has won several awards and had a variety of exhibits both in NY and Texas.

She constantly gets a thrill out of finding the best angle to show the beauty of a person or a new way of looking at a scene.  She embraces the opportunity to share – even if only for a moment – an image that shows someone what she sees and how she sees it.   She especially loves to share her personal vision with others who may not otherwise get to experience it firsthand.

She has been fortunate to have traveled all over the United States. “I’ve also been blessed with wonderful mentors and support that helped me grow as a fine art photographer and I am passionate about my craft”  she explains and she continues trying to capture elusive moments that we all hold so dear in an attempt to communicate, impact, tell a story, share an emotion, show a vision, impress, energize, reach out and make a difference to another human soul.

You can read her blog at www.Travelin’About.com or see more of her photography at www.chriscina.net.  Her most important job at the moment is as Grandma to three darling preschoolers and as a mother and wife.