Volunteer Spotlight: Judith Lindfors

This isn’t the first article, we’ve written about Coming of Age volunteer, Judith Lindfors. She’s been a volunteer with Coming of Age/RSVP for 17 years.  After retiring from the University of Texas as a Professor of Education, Judith mentioned in her recruitment interview that she wanted to reinvent herself and do the things she hasn’t had the time to do. Working with children and promoting literacy are some of her passions. 

Judith started her volunteer journey volunteering at Safe Place from 2001 to 2009. She volunteered in the school at the shelter, engaging the children in a variety of literacy events. Judith saw the need for a library and wrote to 46 publishers, describing her vision for a library at the shelter. The response was overwhelming; she started out with 500 books and after Judith’s efforts, the library had over 2000 books.  After several years, Safe Place extended the library into the shelter so that the children would have a supply of books any time they needed them.

In 2010, Judith started volunteering in the Alzheimer’s Respite Program, Mike’s Place at Meals on Wheels of Central Texas. Her experience there inspired her to write a book about the program. Her book titled “Being and Doing Together: Connection in an Alzheimer’s Respite Program, delves into the connections made in the respite program for individuals with dementia. She uses her own personal experience from volunteering to provide examples and highlights of the program. Judith is quoted as saying “The program I work in is the most joyful place that I have even been.”

Judith’s volunteer work was highlighted when was she nominated for the KVUE 5 Who Cares Awards in 2003 and was a runner up. She also received the Coming of Age Spirit of Service Award in 2003 for her innovative work at Safe Place.

Judith did reinvent herself as an advocate for children, literacy and Alzheimer’s respite. She’s a compassionate volunteer who made a difference in her community and the clients she served. We applaud the work and legacy she’s left behind.