Volunteer Spotlight: Melva Frazier

Melva Frazier is a very busy woman, you very seldom find her at home because her time is filled with doing for others.  She is an advocate for the less fortunate and automatically sees to the needs of others, finding personal joy in giving.

One of the many organizations Melva volunteers with is Drive A Senior. She is always on call, and drives those who are no longer able to drive themselves due to health or age restrictions.  What is hidden from sight is the many hours spent interacting and waiting with the clients at doctor appointments, errands, shops to offer convenience for the client to return home in a timely fashion.

Melva also has a strong passion for The SAFE Alliance, an organization here in Texas that offers safety, healing, counseling and housing for those victims escaping domestic violence.  Her passion for this organization has her volunteering hours of time as well as marketing its qualities to all who will listen and donate.

As a resident at Village Christian Apartments, she has a passion for her handicapped and elderly neighbors. One resident at Village Christian became quite ill and had no living relative to care for her.  Melva stepped in, cleaned her home, organized a plan for round-the-clock meals and provided services that are offered outside of neighbor intervention, including finding someone to care for her cat!

She is an avid 42 domino player and makes a fine hostess for the players each week which requires the faithful setting up of tables, preparing snacks and providing beverages, managing the conversations and clean-up.

Melva is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty and truly puts the needs of others before her own. We are grateful to have her as part of the Coming of Age program and thank her for her commitment, dedication and service.