Volunteer Spotlight: We Love Our Volunteers Award Winners

Driven to Achieve Award – DON SAEGERT

Don volunteers with Drive NC – has been with Coming of Age for over 6 years and reported more than 7,000 hours served during that time. Don’s averages the following each month: 1300 miles driven, 100 hours volunteered and 30 clients served.

Driven to Achieve Award – BILL MILLER          

Bill volunteers with Drive a Senior West. Accepting the award on his behalf is Stephanie Lane, the Regional Director of Drive a Senior West. 

Bill volunteers has been a Coming of Age  & RSVP member for almost 11 years and logged 7,500 hours during that time with Drive a Senior West.  Bill averages 535 miles driven, 63 hours volunteered and 25 clients served per month.  

Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award –


Hal volunteers with South Austin Hospital (SAH). He has been with Coming of Age / RSVP for over 12 years and logged over 17,000 hours of service during that time. Hal maintains the SAH gift shop and helps coordinate volunteers there.

He’s an active Coming of Age volunteer recruiter who has brought at least 30 new volunteers into our program. He reports volunteer activity for all of the Coming of Age SAH volunteers and signs off on all volunteer mileage requests. He’s also very quick in responding to inquiries or questions from our office.

Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award -NANCY WALKER

Nancy is the volunteer Executive Director for Funeral Consumer’s Alliance of Central Texas (FCACTX). She has been with the Coming of Age program for almost 9 years and has logged over 13,700 hours of service. Nancy served as the FCACTX Board President for 4 years and as VP for 1 year. She has been the volunteer ED for FCACTX since 2015.

She coordinates and facilitates End of Life Options classes, conducts in-service training for hospices and other healthcare providers, produces the FCACTX quarterly newsletter and annual Funeral Home Price Survey, maintains membership records, oversees office operations and volunteers, serves on various community councils and so much more. Nancy has been recognized consistently for contributing over 2,000 hours of service each year, averaging about 185 volunteer hours each month. 

Lifetime Commitment to RSVP Award – 


John Conrado has a long history with RSVP, serving with us for nearly 27 years. John’s mother had been a very active RSVP volunteer and showed John the importance of the program and the impact that senior volunteers can make in their community.

John began with DaS South Austin when it was in its infancy. It was a small organization working to help seniors remain in their homes with a little extra help from volunteers, evolving into the South Austin Caregivers.

Over the years, John has served in every volunteer job DaS South Austin  had to offer. He also served on the Drive a Senior Network representing the South Austin program. Under John’s leadership as DaS South Austin Board President, he was always involved, fair, sharing ideas and working to carry out responsibilities that were in the best interest of the program.

Upon turning 90 this past year, John decided to retire from his volunteer activity to care for his family. We appreciate the many years he has volunteered with our program, the Drive a Senior program and his commitment to service.